Cooking Instructions

Cooking instructions

Our birds cook more quickly producing a more succulent tender meat

Roast Termonfeckindelicious Bronze Turkey

Our turkeys are grown to maturity outside with time to graze and forage on a daily basis, this  results in meat that is well marbled with a fine texture and more deposits of fat under the skin . As fats heat more quickly than protein our birds cook more quickly producing a more succulent tender meat

So if you follow our instructions you won’t have any problems


  1. Firstly remove the bird from the fridge and leave sit at room temperature  for 2 hours
  2. Preheat your oven to 180 or gas mark 4
  3. Before cooking sprinkling with salt, pepper and place onion in cavity.
  4. Place on roasting tray breast side down, this allows the fat deposits to percolate the breast meat while cooking.
  5. Do not cover with tinfoil
  6. Thirty minutes before the end of its cooking time turn the turkey over to brown the breast ..
  7. The bird is cooked when the juices run clear when you pierce the inside of the thigh with a skewer ..
  8. If they run pink then return to oven for 15 minutes then repeat until the desired result.
  9. Leave the bird to rest for 30 minutes before carving.


Roasting times for oven-ready 24 week old bronze turkeys

180’C or gas mark 4

10lbs      2 hours 10 min

12lbs     2 hours  25 min

14lbs     2 hours  35 min

16lbs     2 hours  50 min

18lbs     3 hours

20lbs     3 hours   12 min

22lbs     3 hours  25 min

25lbs     3 hours  45 min

28lbs     4 hours  05 min

Boneless bronze  turkey

6lbs    1 hour  55 min

12lbs  3 hours

Always rest for 30 min before carving

Easy Cook Honey Clove Hams

This unique ham must be carefully baked at a maximum of TEMPERATURE of 140’c
Use foil or foil lined dish to make cleaning easy
Place ham and liquid in dish removing packaging

Put into preheated oven temperature set at 140’c max

1.5kg Honey Clove Hams
Bake for 1hr 40mins.
3kg Honey Clove Hams
Bake for 2hrs 40mins
5kg Honey Clove Hams
Bake for 3hrs 50 mins
Internal  temperature of  Hams  must be 65’c minimum.
Baste with syrup liquid for up to 1 hr after cooking has finished
Rest for 1 hr before carving