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Traditional Bronze Turkeys & Dry Cured Hams

At our family  farm  we produce especially for Christmas Irelands finest Bronze Turkeys,
hatched in June and raised out doors from late August on grass and wheat diet.
Our turkeys are given time and freedom to develop  in an natural environment
expressing their natural behaviors

They are closely related to the original wild turkey and have good legs to walk and the instinct to
graze as well as forage which is essential for flavour in their meat so
you end up with a table birds that looks and tastes  great.

Turkeys are sold oven ready: 10 to 30 lbs and boneless 6 to 13 lbs

We also prepare Dry cured Hams by hand using salt and sugar producing ham that is tender and full of flavour  with no added water .

The hams come in a range of sizes from whole on the bone, boned and rolled whole and half,
3kg centre fillets as well as a speciality ready to bake Honey Clove Ham.

More Concern – More Flavour
More Taste – Value for Money